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- Registered Nutritionist (NSNZ)


  • The University of Otago  — Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science (Human Nutrition)
  • The University of Auckland  — Postgraduate Diploma of Science (Food Science)
  • The University of Auckland Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science with research field in nutrition)
  • Certified Women’s Holistic Health and Hormone Practitioner (MindBodyFood Institute certified practitioner course: ACCPH, IPHM, CMA accredited)
  • CarbChoice Practitioner (Fitgenes)
sensible nutrititon & wellbeing

something about me

Before I become the Registered Nutritionist in practice, I have nearly 10 years of working experience in nutrition research and product development for infant, pediatric and adult nutrition.

With passion to promote evidence-based nutrition approach and to help people, I left the food industry and became a qualified nutritionist in 2020. In my philosophy, good nutrition is a preventative medicine to many health conditions that people suffer in today’s world. Nutrition is more than just what you eat for surviving. It involves personal believes, motivation, learning, culture and lifestyle habits. Though we promote healthy clean eating principles that is applicable to everyone, but when it comes down to how to implement, there will never be a perfect nutrition plan for everyone, because everyone of you is unique.

With a lot of conflicting nutritional information out there, anyone is free to express their diet experience and opinions. Though the information could be right for most part, but it may or may not apply to you. I totally understand your concerns and confusion, but don’t worry, I’m here to help!

I encourage all my clients to have a fun and enjoyable approach to nutrition. Also, I provide ongoing support and guidance to help you easily incorporate healthy habits into your daily lifestyle that improve your health and well-being. Whether you want to lose weight, address health concerns, increase energy levels, or simply want a better change, you can trust me for a long-term success, because I understand and I believe, not only in you, but also in the scientific evidence-based nutrition.