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Tips to curb the hunger

There are two main hormones involved in hunger: leptin and ghrelin.


Leptin is produced by fat tissues to signal the brain that you are full and stop eating. Leptin is constantly high in people with obesity leading to leptin resistance, as cells start losing the sensitivity to this hormone. If the signal of satiety can not be received, people will constantly feel hungry. The resistance can be improved once people lose weight (in terms of body fat).


In a normal person, hunger is more dependent on Ghrelin. This hormone is produced by stomach and the amount increases as your stomach becomes empty. Prolonged high level of Ghrelin signals to your brain that you are starving, and you need to conserve the energy by reducing metabolic rate and storing fat.

Remember, longer you go with hunger, higher level of ghrelin will be produced to make you hungrier and to prevent fat burning. So, never fight against your hormones! Listen to your body and satisfy its needs with smart options:


  • Eat plenty of protein and healthy fat in your meal
  • Drink water / tea / black coffee
  • Eat in smaller portions with increased frequency
  • Include plenty of high fibre vegetables that are bulk in volume


Look for the hunger signs, eat when you are truly hungry, avoid stress and boredom eating.


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