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Work With Me

Together, we assess your symptoms, medical history, lifestyle and routines, challenges, dietary needs, thoughts and beliefs, food habits and choices and all that influence them.

TailorED solutions for your PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

Grounded in science but holistic and tailored to your personal circumstances, my nutrition consultations both in person and online are entirely collaborative.

We decide together on the best way forward that has your needs at its heart. Most importantly, how you can make the changes you want happen in a way that empowers you to continue successfully beyond the consultation, back in the real world.

Your new nutrition and lifestyle plan will include a targeted approach to assisting you in optimizing the following areas.


Many of us have tried to lose weight countless times and follow diets without success. I will work with you to make changes to your diet and formulate an eating plan that suits you and your lifestyle. We can also investigate, with functional testing, whether there is something happening in your body that is preventing you from losing weight.


Having a healthy functioning gut means more to us than simply good digestion. It plays an integral role in our mood, our sleep and our overall well-being. I specialize in nutrition for gut health, and can support you on finding solutions for IBS, intolerance and allergies.

Women's health and hormone balance

Women of all ages have been done a great disservice not being educated about their own hormone cycles. Trying to ‘fix’ one issue without addressing the underlying reasons for hormonal issues is an incomplete approach. With understanding of human body and mind, and support they need, we can work to get you back in harmony.


I can assist you with following diets: FODMAP, breaking sugar addiction, food allergies & intolerance, cholesterol concerns, diabetes concerns and reducing inflammation, etc..